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Hi, Welcome! I'm Sammy

Welcome to my blog! I've always wanted a blog but never had the energy to devote to one. Now that I am in this practice I am so excited to be able to share. So first, what is this blog? This blog is designed to be a tool for my clients, colleagues, and those out in the world! It is focused on mental health, parenting, and making life happier! I also sort of imagine it as a curated summary of lots of different books, podcasts, and articles that interest me. So if any of that sounds interesting, come follow along.

Now, about me, professionally. I have been in the field for 7+ years. I have worked as a case manager, mental health tech, and therapist in private practice, small to large agencies, and inpatient units. I absolutely dig working with children, teens, young adults, and families to make life better. I enjoy learning, listening to podcasts, and attending trainings. I think personal and professional development is essential to growing as a person. I consider myself a CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Therapist so I think all the time about what the relationship between thoughts feelings and behavior are and I help those I work with find places they can make changes to feel better.

Personal life. I am LGBTQ+ Affirming and Neurodivergent Friendly. I served on the PFLAG Norman Board of Directors for 6 years. In my time outside of the office, I love reading books. I'm most into fantasy/science fiction/mysteries but am open to reading all things. I love to be outside going on adventures both big and small including hiking, camping, and scuba diving. Cooking is my number one creative outlet. I love to spend time with my family like going to the park with my son or going for a drive with my husband. I have two dogs and two foster pot-belly pigs.

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