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Child Psycholgist


Being little is so hard. Young kids today have been through so much with the pandemic stress and growing up in an ever changing world. Many kids and families today need support on coping with the big feelings they experience. I try to make counseling a fun learning experience. I enjoy learning what your child is interested by and finding ways to incorporate that into therapy. I joke that I have done pokemon therapy, lego therapy, and princess therapy. 

You as the parent are the expert on your child so I hope to work with you and your family to teach your child new ways to deal with big feelings or to manage challenging behaviors.  When the whole family is able to change the way of responding and support the changes the child makes we see big success.

I am Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) Nationally Certified and am passionate about helping children who have had traumatic events making meaning and heal from that trauma. TF-CBT is the gold standard for helping kids move towards healing. 

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