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Psychologist Session


Feel like you don't even know your teen any more? ​Find ways to get to know (and like) each other again, help them be happier, and set a new path forward together. 

Teens today have more challenges than ever before. Can you imagine what its like to experience Covid? Navigating Social Media? An inability to disconnect from school and peers. This can cause things like anxiety, depression, self-harm, bad attitude, school struggles, and substance use. 

Working with teens and young adults is possibly my favorite thing. It is so cool to be trusted and to see the big changes that happens in young peoples life. My primary goal for my teens and young adults to make life suck less. I am not talking about going from the suck to sunshine and rainbows overnight but instead slow and steady changes to make life worth living. 

I have a long history of working with acting out behaviors including self-harm, suicidal ideation, and substance using behaviors. I am an ACRA (adolescent community response approach) supervisor and first level clinician and a SMART recovery facilitator. I truly believe for teens & young adults substance use is a symptom of the problem and enjoy working with teens to find ways to do address the big problem and healthier ways to cope with symptoms.

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